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Know Thyself 認識自己

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I believe the most important goal and highest mission in life is to know yourself. And there are two ways to know oneself: 1. Look at your image in the mirror; 2. To experience yourself through the 5 senses with your body. In fact, I believe these two methods can apply to anything you want to know in the world.

When we do imagery work, we look into the mirror images inside us and we engage our bodies and the five senses to experience and repair the inner images. In dreaming, every character and object and storyline are part of our own mirror images and we engage our bodies with the five senses turned in during sleep. In daily life, we meet people and events that serve as our mirror images and we use our bodies to experience pleasure and pain. I used to have a criticising boss who was hysterical and pathologically insecure, now I understand she was actually reflecting how I treated myself deep down. I have a cat of 19 years who acts like the queen in the house, and I know she is reflecting my inner child although I wouldn't admit to it. 😅

I have been a studious student ever since I began my inner path. I am committed, I practice a lot, I continue to study and I try my best not to wince or run away from my own issues. I get very good feedbacks from my clients but I could rarely see my own shifts when I work on myself. I still doubt or belittle the images I see inside and I ignore the advice I received from the Divine. At the imagery class this morning, my teacher Catherine asked us in one of the exercises to "make a vow to serve only the still small voice within you". It was an extremely touching moment when I saw my heart bursted open with blinding white light and the light opened up to a path in front of me, and it was precisely what and when I need to see this.

Recently I achieved my goal to begin giving workshops of imagery. I wrote and designed the workshops with the help and support from my teacher. By sitting at the position of a class facilitator, I was able to see how one exercise flows to another and how our inside moves through an inner journey. I could read images much clearer and I saw each student's dream clearly. This is an astounding mirror image to me as I was too hung up in doing the exercises while being a student and I wasn't able to stand back and see the whole story evolving. In the “Harnessing Your Creativity” workshop, every participant came with wishes in relations to work or money etc. I was in awe to witness their inside pushing through the images of their deepest desires right from the very first exercise. And after finishing the last exercise, the participants were able to understand by giving attention to their hearts' desire which is not coming from the brain, is the key to manifest everything else. I have feedbacks that some of them already made a huge step in achieving their heart's desire the very next day. And that to me, again is a mirror image about trust that I was unable to see amidst my mental conflicting dialogues.

I now learnt and verified that one cannot suppress that "still small voice" within you, and your inside will push through the very experience that is for your highest good for you if you allow it.

我相信人生中最重要的目標和最高使命就是認識自己。要認識自己有兩種方法:1. 照鏡子看自己;2. 通過身體和五種感官來體驗自己。事實上,我相信這兩種方法可以適用於任何你想認識的事物。


自從我開始走自己的內在道路以來,我一直是個好學的學生。 我矢志堅持,不斷練習,持續地進修,我盡力地不畏縮或逃避自己的問題。 我從個案身上得到了非常好的回應,但是當我修練自己時,我很少能看到自己的變化。 我仍會懷疑或貶低自己看到的內在圖像,也會忽略得到的神聖建議。 在今早的「視覺心像」課上,我的老師Catherine在其中一個練習中要求我們『發誓只為自己內心的那個靜寂的小聲音服務』。 那真是非常感人的一刻!我看到自己的心被眩目的白光打開,光線打開了我前方的路徑,而這正是我此刻需要看到的東西。



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