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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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Imagery is the oldest form of language known to mankind.  It is an innate ability of everyone, also the language that our bodies understand. For example, when we think of a lemon, our mouth starts to salivate. Imagine we are rubbing ice cubes along our arms, and goosebumps appear.  Our bodies respond to our imagination. 


For the same reason, images have a powerful impact on our minds. Our memories are often triggered by something outside; be they an image, a scent, a sound/voice, a taste or a touch, or a meeting with someone. When we recall a memory, we relive the emotions we have experienced with the memory. As long as the image stays the same in our minds, we will trigger the same emotional responses.


Once we repair a negative image using our imagination, we allow a new situation to happen.  Our physical body, mind, and emotions will find a new way to work together.  What we need to do to heal ourselves is to respond to the necessity of the image.  We are at the service of the image that appears.


Imagery is also the language that our subconscious uses to communicate with us, such as through night dreams. Dreams are messengers from the subconscious. Like undercurrent waves, they rise to the surface carrying messages from our subconscious long before our conscious mind is even aware that something is happening. Pay attention to your dreams; they are your evening news bulletin. Free of charge, they inform you, showing you in images and words how your body and your emotions are faring.

Meditation is removing yourself from attachment, through disengaging your bodies.  


Our way (Imagery) is to engage all of our bodies (both energetic and physical), to walk through the forest and face our beasts, live the journey and repair it along the way.  It takes courage to do so.  The goal is to reach the truest self in light. 


The teachings of SAPHIRE® imagery are based on the Kabbalah of Light, an ancient mystic Jewish study that dates back to Isaac the Blind of Provence, France, and Jacob Ben Sheshet of Gerona, Spain in the 13th century. The last lineage holder of this knowledge was Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, a revered kabbalist in Jerusalem.  Colette passed the lineage to Dr. Catherine Shainberg, who has studied and worked with her for 30 years. Dr. Shainberg found The School of Images in New York City in 1982, to teach students around the world about the modern usage of imagery and dream works.


  • Communicate with your body and subconscious mind directly

  • Teach your body healthy and supportive new habits

  • Release phobias and traumas that stay in your subconscious mind

  • Clearing emotions, mental blocks, and limiting beliefs 

  • Understanding your dreams and teaching your inside how you want to move forward in life

  • Remove blocks to manifestations












SAPHIRE®視覺心像系統和教導譜自「光之卡巴拉」,源於13世紀古代猶太神秘學。「光之卡巴拉」的最後一個血統持有者是來自耶路撒冷的著名卡巴拉學家Colette Aboulker-Muscat女士。 凱薩琳.仙伯格博士向已故的Colette女士學習和合作了30年,她於1982年在紐約市成立「視覺心像學院」,教導來自世界各地的學生如何在現今社會使用視覺心像和夢行技巧。


  • 直接與自己的身體和潛意識溝通

  • 教導身體健康和支持您的新習慣

  • 釋放留在潛意識中的恐懼和創傷記憶

  • 清除情緒、思想障礙和限制性信念

  • 了解你的夢並教導自己的內在如何在生命中前進

  • 清除顯化的阻礙


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