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SSC (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) is a love-based unique coaching system written and created by Erika László (Hungary) for highly conscious people who are determined to change. If you feel you are ready to transform your limiting programmes that you carry unconsciously, and to discover and change your limiting beliefs; this system can give you awareness, insights and possibility to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.

When you are feeling stuck in your life, and don’t know what to do; or you feel something invisible is blocking your progress, or you cannot find your love partner; or you are carrying anger, sadness or grief or any negativity that block your life, SSC can help you!


SSC can help you aware of the problems in your relationships, your priorities and attitudes in life. Whenever we have a complicated relationship with someone or something, it's because deep inside us (in the subconscious) we carry unresolved resentment, anger, sadness, etc. which are all based in fear. When using the charts, all unresolved fear-based feelings and unconscious negative patterns become conscious and can be easily and quickly transformed into love-based ones thus shifting the blocks into supporting and new patterns.

SSC can help you to discover your negative belief system that you have been carrying unconsciously since childhood or from generations of your family, and these beliefs have become your experiences in life.  If you are wishing to change your life, it is essential to be aware of these beliefs consciously and SSC can help you to release the negative beliefs and replaced them with supporting ones.  Then your life will change for the better!


SSC (超意識自我訓練™) 是由 Erika László (匈牙利) 給選擇改變的高意識的人們而創造和編寫的一套以愛為基礎的獨特訓練系統。 如果你覺得你已準備好,去轉化你的無意識限制性程式,去發現和改變你的限制性信念;那麼這個系統便能給你覺察、洞察力和可能性來實現你的目標與夢想。



SSC可以幫助你了解在關係中的問題,你的優先生活態度和取向。 每當我們與某人或某事膠在一個複雜的關係時,那是因為在我們的內心深處 (在潛意識中),承擔著還未消解的怨恨、憤怒、悲傷等等,而這些都是以恐懼為基礎的情緒。 使用圖表時,所有未消解的以恐懼為基礎的感覺和無意識的負面模式都變為有意識、可以輕鬆而快速地轉化成為以愛為基礎的感覺,從而將阻礙轉化為支持性的新模式。

SSC可以幫助你發現自己從孩提時代或家族幾代前已帶著的無意識的負面信念系統,而這些信念造就了你的生活經驗。 如果想改變生命,有意識地了解這些信念是非常重要的,SSC可以幫助你釋放負面的信念,並利用支持性的信念來替代它們。然後你的生命將會有新的好改變!


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