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We are born with the innate power to heal ourselves.  Our bodies are in a constant state of maintaining balance.  Reiki is the energy that connects our higher self with everything around us.  Although Mikao Usui (Japan, 1865 - 1926) is credited as the founder of Reiki, it is widely thought that this form of healing has been around for centuries and that Usui rediscovered this art in the late 1800’s.

All living things are infused with energy. This energy goes by many names such as, chi, prana, and soul. Although Reiki has traditionally been used as a healing system, it is also extremely effective as a way to help individuals increase awareness, insight, wisdom and personal growth. Our bodies are energetic in nature. Our bones resonate at lower frequencies while our blood, thoughts etc. vibrate at higher frequencies. This magnetic pulse is known as a bio magnetic field. 

In Eastern traditions this pulse is also known as Ki or Prana. It is interesting to note that scientists have found that measuring the magnetic fields of the body with magneto cardiograms and magneto encephalograms often provide a happening in the body than traditional electrical measurements. When a Reiki practitioner is performing a healing session, the energy that emanates from their hands produce a significantly larger bio magnetic reading (7-10Hz – Theta and Alpha range) than a non-practitioner. These frequencies are associated with physical healing.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands on or just above a client's body. The practitioner conducts universal energy from their arms, and out through their hands where it flows into the client's body. When a practitioner and client come together they are the two oscillating/vibrating objects discussed in the definition of entrainment. Every cell in our body and every atom in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. The tendency for two objects is to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. In most cases, the weaker of the two oscillating objects will have a tendency to adjust to the stronger vibration which is Reiki energy.


In a Reiki session the practitioner does not rely on their own personal energy, rather they are conduits for focusing the energy from the world around them. Contentment, relaxation, decreased feelings of stress, fear and anxiety as well as a reduction and in some cases elimination of physical illnesses and persistent conditions are common observations from clients after a Reiki session. There are countless case studies and anecdotal research verifying the effects of Reiki sessions.

每個人天生都有具與生俱來的力量來療癒自己。 我們的身體一直會自動維持於平衡的恆常狀態。 靈氣是將我們更高的自我與我們周圍的一切聯繫起來的能量。 雖然日本的臼井甕男醫生 (1865 - 1926年)被認為是靈氣的創始人,但人們普遍認為,這種療癒形式已經存在了好幾個世紀,並在十八世紀末,臼井醫生重新發現了這種藝術。

一切萬物皆充滿能量。 這種能量有許多名字,如氣,prana和靈魂。 雖然靈氣在傳統上被用作為療癒系統,但它也能非常有效地幫助個人來提高覺知,洞察力,智慧和個人成長。 我們身體的本質是能量。 我們的骨骼在較低的頻率下產生共鳴,而我們的血液、思想等在較高頻率下振動。 這種磁脈衝被稱為生物磁場。


在東方的傳統中,這種脈衝也被稱為Ki或Prana。 值得注意的是,科學家們發現,用心磁圖和腦磁圖來測量身體的磁場通常會比傳統的電力測量更精準。 當靈氣療癒師在進行療癒時,從他們手中發出的能量比非療癒師產生了顯著的更大的生物磁讀數(7-10Hz-Theta和Alpha範圍)。 這些頻率與身體療癒有關。

在靈氣治療其間,療癒師會將手放在個案的身上或身體上方。 療癒師會從他們的手臂傳送出宇宙的能量,並通過雙手流入個案的身體。 當療癒師和個案聚在一起時,他們就是誘導作用中兩個振盪/振動的對象。 我們身體中的每個細胞和宇宙中的每個原子都處於恆定的振動狀態。 兩個雙聚物體的趨勢會是鎖定在一起,使它們和諧地振動。 在大多數情況下,兩個的振盪物體,較弱的將趨向於調整為較強的靈氣能量的振動。

在靈氣治療中,療癒師並不會依賴自己的個人能量,而是集中傳送在我們周圍世界之能量。 個案在治療完結時,一般會感覺更放鬆、壓力減輕、恐懼和焦慮相對減少,在某些情況下,身體疾病的症狀可能會消除。 有無數的靈氣案例研究驗證了靈氣的正面影響。

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