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About the Consultant - Designer,Healer, Coach, Teacher, Translator

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Millicent Lai is an award-winning graphic and lifestyle product designer for over 25 years.  She was the Chief Designer of Home for luxury Chinese brand Shanghai Tang for 10 years and she also designed for Nespresso, Tumi, Ikea, The Peninsula, InterContinental hotels, etc. Her artistic journey turned inward when she suffered severe eczema and other immune system illnesses in 2007.  Albeit being raised in a family of Chinese Medicine doctors and Western Medicine traditions, her illnesses made her aware of the source of illnesses in fact roots deeper in one's unresolved emotions and subconscious limiting beliefs and perceptions.

In pursuit of treating her illnesses, she began her healing journey in 
2010 with various emotional healing modalities such as Heart Empowerment and Pansori Living Sound healing then eventually Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) in 2013.  Her life changed for the better physically and emotionally.  Millicent answered to her higher calling and became a practitioner that offers SRT and SpR clearing for the public since September 2013.  She became a Certified Consultant by the SRA (Spiritual Response Association) in February 2016. Being an avid learner of truth and knowledge, Millicent has pursued other healing modalities and obtained certifications on SuperConscious Self-Coaching (Executive Mentor), Usui Reiki (Master level) as well as Magnified Healing (1st Phase Master Teacher, 3rd Phase "Light Healing" Practitioner).


Since 2016, Millicent began her study and training in The SAPHIRE® practice: Dream Opening®SAPHIRE® Imagery, Tarot and Morphology from Dr. Catherine Shainberg, the world-renowned Kabbalist, a master of imagery, psychologist and founder of the School of Images (New York); of a teaching from the tradition of the Kabbalah of Light, about the innate healing power of our imagination within each of us. She is being certified in 2021 by the school as the first and only Certified Teacher & Practitioner for the The SAPHIRE® practice in Hong Kong, and she begins to teach at the school in early 2022.

With her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and holistic concepts, together with her creative and design background, Millicent integrates different healing and coaching methods to help clients to release blocks to wholeness and limiting beliefs to living their full potential in life. 

Millicent commenced teaching classes and workshops in early 2019. She also works as an interpreter and translator (English-Chinese) for different workshops, classes and class materials.


Imagery and Dream Opening Classes & Workshops

Imagery and Dream Opening Private Consultation

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Private Consultation

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Private Consultation

Tarot Reading

Reiki Session

• Workshop Translation and Interpretation


Millicent Lai 在香港出生和長大,是屢獲殊榮的平面和產品設計師。 她曾擔任中國奢華品牌上海灘的首席家品設計師達十年時間,同時也為Nespresso,Tumi,宜家家居,香港半島及洲際酒店等設計。她在2007年開始受嚴重濕疹和其他免疫系統疾病困擾,由此她的藝術事業轉向內在。雖然她出生於傳統中醫和西醫的家庭中,但她的疾病令她意識到疾病的根源實質上來自於更深層、未解決的情緒和潛意識的限制性信念與觀點。

為了治療她的疾病,Millicent 從2010年開始了身、心、靈的療癒之旅。她體驗了『人生動力』和『生命之聲 (Pansori Living Sound) 』,然後在2013年學會『靈性反應療法(SRT)』 和『靈性結構重整(SpR)』。她的生命重始徹底改變了,無論在身體層面和情緒層面上都有更好的轉變。 Millicent 受到療癒的感召,自2013年9月成為SRT和SpR的習修者並給大眾提供個案服務。幾年間不斷的深造學習,她於2016年2月成為SRA (靈性反應協會)的認證諮詢師。為了對真理與知識的熱愛,Millicent不斷學習其他療癒的方式,並成為『超意識自我訓練(SSC)』的執行指導員『臼井靈氣』大師以及『擴大療癒法』的第一階導師與第三階「光能療癒」的修習者


Millicent自2016年開始到現在,無間斷地向世界知名的視覺心像大師、卡巴拉學家、心理學家、紐約「視覺心像學院」創辦人凱薩琳.仙伯格博士學習和受訓由『光之卡巴拉』傳承的『視覺心像』、『開啟夢境』、『塔羅』、『體相學』,並於2021年被學院認證成為香港首位與唯一的SAPHIRE® Practice 導師和諮詢師,也正式成為學院的教員,教授如何利用天生的想像力作為療癒和啓示的媒介。


Millicent 於2019年開始教授工作坊。她也為不同工作坊和課程作中文/英文的即時傳譯,和課程文本的翻譯。


『視覺心像 - Imagery』『開啟夢境 - Dream Opening』課程和工作坊

『視覺心像 - Imagery』『開啟夢境 - Dream Opening』諮詢

『靈性反應療法 (SRT)』諮詢

『靈性結構重整 (SpR)』諮詢

•   塔羅牌解讀

『臼井靈氣 - Reiki』治療

•   工作坊中文/英文即時傳譯


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