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I set before you Life and Death 我將生死陳明在你面前

Updated: May 10, 2019


I have been asked by quite a number of clients/friends about why a mutual friend of ours died so young last year. Is there a rhyme or reason to life at all? I have discussed this with a few friends from our healing/coaching community, some said it's because of soul's choice, or there were lessons that one couldn't see etc. I myself have witnessed the death of many loved ones and friends up close and personal the past few years, and I find the power of death non-negotiable and inevitable.

Death exists, not as the opposite but as a part of life.” wrote Haruki Murakami in “Norwegian Wood”. This line struck a chord in me when I was 17 years old, where I just entered design college and a childhood friend of mine had died. I was angry that I was about to begin my life and hers had ended. I became obsessed to reading stories about death and immortality........ vampires who live thousands of years and poets travelling down to hell and heaven etc. Would I take up the offer if I were to offer eternal life? Perhaps. So that I could have time to understand life, and yet, would I be able to endure the solitude of unending time? Would I have enough desire to live eternally? As a 17 years old, I already realised that to die is actually much easier than to live. To wake up every day is an effort, to walk left or right is a decision, and to go somewhere and do something take courage and perseverance.

It is easy to forget that death is always a part of the equation of life. It's not the end game or the other side, death has been there in every breathe we take. We take in breath only after we have exhausted it from our lungs. There will be no beginnings if there were no endings. If there were no deaths, probably humans would cease to find meanings for their lives. In the movie “The Matrix”, Agent Smith explained to Morpheus that the first matrix was designed to have a perfect human world where none suffered. But the entire human crops all died out because there were only happiness. Human as a species tends to define their reality through misery and suffering. I am not singing praises to suffering, but it is a quintessential human condition. “The basis of the self is not thought but suffering, which is the most fundamental of all feelings. While it suffers, not even a cat can doubt its unique and uninterchangeable self.” wrote Milan Kundera in “Immortality”.

My teacher Catherine said, “you need to strike the match against a hard surface before it can light up.” If there were no imperfection in life, there will be no reason to create and do better. God said “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse, therefore choose life that you and your seed may live.” Know thyself and what you are equipped with in this life, through astrology, human design, morphology, Baizi, SRT and what not. Know your vulnerabilities, strengths and potentials, then embark on life! And at every turn and instant, choose Life always! Always and always.

有很多個案/朋友都問我為什麼我們的一位共同朋友這麼年輕就在去年去世。 到底生命是否有其邏輯或理由? 我和一些行內朋友討論過這個議題,有些說這是因為靈魂的選擇,或者是我們無法看見自己的盲點等等。過去幾年,我親眼目睹和經歷了許多親人和朋友的離世。 我發現死亡的力量是不容商榷且無法避免的。

「死不是生的對等,而是它的一部分。」村上春樹在《挪威的森林》中寫道。 當我17歲的時候,這句子在我身上引起了深深的共鳴,那時我剛剛進入設計學院,而我的一個兒時朋友剛去世。 我非常憤怒,我在即展開新的生活,她的卻已經結束了。 我很快便沉迷於閱讀關於死亡和永生的故事.......活了幾千年的吸血鬼或走進地獄和天堂的詩人等。 如果我能選擇永生,我會接受嗎? 也許。 這樣我就有時間去了解生命,然而,我能忍受無盡時間裡的孤獨嗎? 我是否有足夠的欲望來永遠地活著? 17歲的我,已經意識到死去實際上要比活著容易得多。 每天醒來需要努力,往左走或往右走需要決定,要去某個地方做一些事需要勇氣和毅力。

我們很容易忘記,死亡其實是生命程式的一部分。它不是遊戲的結束或生命的另一邊,死亡存在於我們的每個呼吸中。我們只有在肺部呼盡空氣之後才會吸氣。如果沒有終結,也沒有需要開始。如果沒有死亡,人類可能會停止為他們的生命去找意義。在電影〖The Matrix〗中,Smith 向Morpheus解道,第一個Matrix的設計是一個沒有苦難的完美人類世界。但是整批人類都因為只有幸福快樂而滅亡了。人類作為一個物種傾向通過痛苦和苦難來定義他們的現實。我並不是在讚美痛苦,但痛苦是一種典型的人類狀況。 米蘭・昆德拉在《不朽》中寫道「自我的基礎不是思想,而是痛苦,這是最根本的感受。在痛苦時,即便是貓也不會懷疑牠那獨特且不可替換的自我。」

我的老師Catherine說:「你需要將火柴擦拭於堅硬的表面才能發亮。」如果生命中沒有任何不完美,就沒有理由去創造或進步。 神說『我將生死禍福陳明在你面前,所以你要揀選生命,使你和你的後裔都得存活。』。你可通過占星、人類圖、morphology、八字紫微、SRT等任何方式去了解自己和你今生的裝備。 了解你的脆弱點、天賦和潛力,然後去開展生命! 記住在每個轉折、每一瞬間都要選擇生命!

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