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Dreaming ourselves into shape 夢想成型

Updated: Apr 21, 2020


I have been away from home for exactly 3 months, and the last three weeks were totally unreal since I was in a compulsory quarantine and isolation in hospital. I am still adjusting to home and to Hong Kong. I forget where my things are at home and the bed feels strange to my body. Luckily my cat still remembers me and she seems to be very happy to know that I am home. Even though she has changed from a silver grey tabby into a brown cat thanks to the care of my husband. 😅

I have not been able to sleep much since I arrived in Hong Kong. The only day I didn't ask for a sleeping pill from the doctor I had a vague dream. I remember only a few images: I see myself wearing all white and I have white cloth as shoes tied with thin pink ribbons. I carefully remove one layer of the cloth from my right foot and I see a second layer within made of white cotton with very fine lace. It looks very pure and clean, like baby shoe. I am then on a beach on a clear day in late afternoon. A lot of people gather around the shore to look at the white marble relief showing forth beneath the wet sand. It is a face of a woman, it could be the holy mother's or a lover's face. We all marvel at its beauty and a sense of divine knowing that when the tide comes the face will be buried in the sand again. Then I ask my husband to help me to come down from a cliff of sand. He holds my left hand and I leap in mid-air feeling no fear but only excitement and the sands are crumbling beneath my feet.

I was so excited to tell my dream partner Lucia about this dream. We both felt this is a very auspicious dream. Something pure and sacred is being revealed. I am being reborn to walk in a new path (right foot) with a new life (baby shoes). I am shown an aspect of myself which is pure and sacred from my subconscious (under water). What I thought was challenging (the cliff) is just sand crumbling beneath my feet and I am excited to leap forward with the support (left hand) of my inner masculine aspect (the husband). I was tested negative from the virus the very next morning and was released from the hospital a day later.

This is the power of dreaming, and the very reason why I am so fascinated by dream work. Dreams are always a few steps ahead of us. I have another vague dream last night that I am wearing a new white blouse in a shop choosing a new handbag for myself but I couldn't make up my mind. I feel that the dream is showing me that I have let go of my old self and I need to find myself a new container. I woke up using imagery to go back into the dream and choose a new bag that I like. By doing this "tikkun" (Hebrew for repair/correction), I consciously tell my subconscious that I am making a new choice for myself. I will see how my dream responds to this new command.

We are never truly prepared when challenges were thrown our way. We have to walk gingerly, a small step at a time as there is no other way but to walk through it. With all my inner works and training I am more aware of the different choices to respond to challenges. I also realise that every time I have a major health challenge, I end up with a spiritual awakening as well as a positive change in life afterwards. I changed my life direction from designing to spiritual healing when I had serious eczema 10 years ago. I healed my family relationships as a result of that. When my mother died in 2016 I began to bleed nonstop for a whole year, that's when I met my teacher Catherine and began my journey of imagery and dream studies. With now the Covid-19 I feel I am able shred another layer of my old self. It is like a second chance. And I feel much more empathetic and connected to people as a result of that.

今天剛好離家三個月,過去三個星期我被強制在酒店隔離和在醫院的隔離病房裡,現在仍感到完全不真實。我仍在重新適應家和香港。我忘了東西放在家的那裡,我的身體對床也感到奇怪。幸運的是,我的老貓還記得我,她似乎很高興知道我回到家。不過在我老公的照料下,她從銀灰色的虎紋貓變成了棕色貓。 😅 自我到港以來,我一直無法入睡。唯有一晚,我沒有向醫生要安眠藥,我便做了一個模糊的夢。我只記得幾個圖像:我看見自己穿著全白衣服,並且穿著白色棉布作為鞋子,上面綁著細細的粉紅色絲帶。我小心地從右腳翻開一層布,看到裡面的第二層白色棉布有著非常細緻的花邊。它看起來非常純淨乾淨,像嬰兒鞋一樣。然後,在一個晴天的傍晚時,我走在沙灘上。許多人聚集在岸邊,看著濕沙下露出的白色大理石浮雕。它是個女人的臉,可能是聖母或情人的臉。我們都驚嘆於她的美麗和神聖,並知道當潮水來臨時,臉會再次被埋在沙子裡。然後我請丈夫幫我從沙崖上下來。他握住我的左手,我飛躍於半空中,心中沒有恐懼,只有興奮,沙子在我的腳下崩塌。 醒來第二天我很高興地將這個夢告訴我的夢行夥伴 Lucia。我倆都覺得這是一個非常吉祥的夢。某種純潔而神聖的東西正在被揭示。我正在重生,以新的生命(嬰兒鞋)走到新的道路(右腳)上。從潛意識(海水下)浮現,我看到了自己的一個純粹而神聖的面向。我以為的挑戰(懸崖)只是腳下在崩塌的沙,我很興奮能在自己的內在男性面向(丈夫)的支持下(左手)向前躍下。醒來的第二天早上,我的病毒檢測為陰性,並於隔天出院。 這就是夢行的力量,也是我對夢行工作如此著迷的原因。夢永遠走在我們面。昨晚我作了另一個模糊的夢,我在一家商店裡穿著一件全新的白色襯衫,正為自己選擇一個新的手袋,但我選擇不了。我覺得這個夢正在向我表示我已經放下了過去的自我,正需要為自己找一個新的容器。夢醒後我用心像(imagery) 回到夢境中,再選擇一個我喜歡的新手袋。通過此『tikkun』(希伯來語:修復/糾正),我有意識地告訴我的潛意識,我正在為自己作出新選擇。我會看看我的夢如何回應這個新指令。 當挑戰飛到我們面前時,我們永遠也不會真正的做好準備來迎接。我們唯有小心謹慎地行事,每次走一小步,因為除了這樣也別無選擇。過去的所有內在修練,令我更加意識到應對挑戰的不同選擇。我也意識到,每次遇到重大健康挑戰時,我都會因此產生靈性上的喚醒,並帶來積極的人生正面變化。十年前,我患上嚴重的濕疹時,我的生命方向從設計轉到靈性療法。也因此,我療癒了我的原生家庭關係。當我母親於2016年去世時,我整整一年在血崩,那時我遇到了我的老師Catherine,開始了「視覺心像」和「夢行」研究的旅程。現在患過了武漢肺炎,我覺得自己可以再脱掉另一層已不適合的自我。這好像第二次的重生機會。現在,我感到對他人有更多的同理心和連結。

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