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On Synchronicity 共時性


It's been months since I wrote my last post. I usually write when a seed of an idea appears in my mind and if it continues to grow the days after, then I know there is something that needs to be let out within me. This time the seed springs forth when I was reading Lorna Byrne's book about healing angels. I have been working with angels since I practised SRT and Imagery and somehow I have taken their presence or help for granted. In imagery we very often ask the help from Archangel Michael when we need protection and courage for transformation. Since reading Lorna's book I got curious to know more about my "original" guardian angel. I know my mother is one of them now and I have dreamt of my team of spiritual guides too. But I have never really got to know my specially "assigned" guardian. I closed my eyes and asked to see my guardian angel, I saw a picture that looked like a Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting of a young man with orange flaming hair and crystal clear light turquoise blue eyes in a white gown. And I saw the name Rahul. The gentle smile on his face was mesmerising. Since then I would greet Rahul and my team of guardian angels every day in the tiny space of my heart. When I was reading the chapter of healing angels, I was wondering how do angels heal us. At that very moment, I feel my left arm sore in a special way.

I remember about 15 years ago I went to a Taoist gathering during the lunar "ghost" month, so it would be around this time of the year in high summer. I was not religious but I was always interested in spirituality and the metaphysics. I went to missionary school and Sunday masses in my formative years then I got interested in Tibetan Buddhism in my late 20s to early 30s. So that day about 15 years ago I went to a Taoist gathering with a bunch of my friends in the afternoon. We went to Mongkok for dinner afterwards and I remember we were all sticky from the heat and sweat and the air-con in the restaurant wasn't strong enough to cool us down. I was seated in front of a wall and we were waiting for our food. Something didn't feel right for me, I felt my left arm extremely sore as if electric currents were running inside it and all around me was still quite hot except the one inch "space" behind my back was ice cold. I called the "Sifu" from the Taoist group who does channelling to the Taoist gods and told him my weird condition, He replied that I have these sensations because a "spirit" was following me. It turned out it was my great grandmother who was needing my help and I felt her around for quite some time until we were able to sort out her needs. Since that day I was able to feel "energy" from spirits, and one of the signs was the soreness of my left arm. Before High Street was gentrified into this hip Western bar and restaurant street, I felt electric currents flying on my skin whenever I went to visit my friend who lived across from the famous "haunted asylum". I couldn't breathe and had to run out when I visited Christ Church in Oxford as the amount of "spirits" inside the church was suffocating. I became a "spirit" detector and I was actually horrified and bothered by this new found ability.

I lived with the fear of "spirits" until I learnt SRT in 2013. With SRT we learnt to send away discarnate easily and quickly, and although I do feel them quite often still but they give off different sensations to me now. I might have sudden skin rashes (which is worse) or I become so drained that I couldn't even open my eyes. But I no longer have the same fear from the years of spiritual practice and I know I can always ask for help from my spiritual helpers. There were occasional cases that I was shocked by discarnates; once I heard them screamed on the phone during a SRT session and another time my radio turned on on its own when my client arrived for a session. So I felt the soreness in my left arm again was rather peculiar when I was reading Lorna's book. The energy felt benign though and I felt warmth from it. As I asked the question how does angel heal us, a rush of energy poured into my heart and ran through it and I was moved to tears. Elton John was singing "Can you feel the love tonight?~ " from my iPhone when all that was happening. Ask, and you shall receive.

A friend from New York asked me yesterday how I learnt about the Four Worlds in Kabbalah, I said I had an intent to write a workshop on creativity and I needed a framework for it. So I opened my teacher Catherine's book and it was the chapter about the Four Worlds of Creation. It also happened that when I thought about this friend and he texted me 15 minutes later. I gave my students in Dream Opening class a homework to dream about the people they need to contact with. That week I dreamt of my teacher and I told myself I had to get in touch with her in the dream, and so I wrote to her the next day and she told me it’s because she thought of me the day before and I got her message, I dreamt of a long lost friend and she phoned me a few days after. My student dreamt of me doing the image repair for her and other students and in fact I dreamt of doing repair for them the same night.

I heard from radio and the guest was talking about birth code and life path. This year my number is 11, 1+1=2. In Tarot No.11 is Strength (in traditional Marseille Tarot, in Raider Waite Deck is Justice) and No. 2 is The High Priestess. The High Priestess tells us to look within ourselves for the inner truth, and she is the absolute truth, the incubator of dreams. The Strength is about harnessing our animal instincts and transforming them into strength. 1-1 is a mirror image, a relationship and connection to oneself and to others. It seems a portal is blown opened and we have learnt a new way of connection through alienation.

自我寫上一篇文章已經好幾個月了。寫作前通常我會有一個像種子的想法出現在腦海中,如果種子繼續在腦海中萌芽,那麼我便知道內在有一些東西需要被寫出來。這一次,當我在閱讀Lorna Byrne有關療癒天使的章節時,種子便出現了。自我修練SRT和「視覺心像」以來,我一直與天使們合作,但是我卻經常視祂們的存在或幫助為理所當然。在「視覺心像」中,當我們需要保護和勇氣來進行轉化時,我們經常會向大天使米高(Archangel Michael)尋求協助。自閱讀Lorna的書以來,我很好奇想知道更多關於我的「原本」守護天使。我知道我的母親現在是我其中之一的守護天使,我也夢見過我的靈性指導團隊。但是我從來沒有真正認識過我被特定指派的守護天使。於是我閉上眼睛並要求看見我的守護天使,我看到了一張像 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 的人像畫,描繪的是一個穿著白色長袍的年輕男性,火焰般橙紅色的頭髮和透明淺藍綠色像湖水的眼睛。我也看到了Rahul 這個名字。他臉上那種溫柔的笑容令人著迷。從那天起,我每天都會到我心中微小的地方向Rahul和我其他的守護天使見面。當我閱讀到療癒天使的章節時,我在想天使是如何療癒我們的呢?就在那一刻,我突然感到左臂有那種特殊的酸痛。



在2013年學習SRT之前,我一直對「靈體」懷有恐懼。我們學會了利用SRT輕鬆而迅速地送走亡靈,儘管我到了現在仍會經常感覺到他們,但是他們一般會給我不同的知覺。現在的我可能會突然出現皮疹 (這個情況最糟),或者會感到筋疲力盡,累得甚至無法睜開眼睛。自從我開始各種不同的靈修後,我已不再有同樣的恐懼,而且知道我總可以向靈性指導們尋求幫助。偶爾也有一些個案會令我驚一驚。有一次,我在進行電話SRT咨詢時聽到有干擾的亡靈們尖叫;另一次當個案到達時,我的收音機自己開啓。因此,當我在讀Lorna的書時,我感到左臂再次酸痛。但是這股能量卻感覺良善,能從中感到溫暖。當我在想天使如何療癒我們的問題時,突然有一股能量湧入我的心中流過,我感動得流下眼淚。就在這一切在發生時,Elton John 正在我的iPhone上唱著 "Can you feel the love tonight?~ "。當你問,回答就出現。

昨天我在紐約的一個猶太朋友問我如何認識卡巴拉的四個世界理論。我說前年我正打算寫一個關於創造力的工作坊,我正需要找一個框架來開始寫作。 因此,我打開我老師Catherine的書,剛好就翻到關於創造之四個世界的章節。 碰巧的是,當我想起這個紐約朋友時,他在15分鐘後就給我發短信。 我給『開啓夢境』課程的學生功課,要她們去夢見需要聯繫的人。 那週我夢到我的老師,在夢中我告訴自己必須與她聯繫,所以第二天我給她寫信,她回覆告訴我,我夢到她是因為她前一天想起了我,所以我在夢中收到了她的信息。 我也夢見一個久違了的朋友,幾天後她給我打電話。 我的學生夢見我在夢中為她和其他學生在做心像修補,實際上那天晚上我也夢見自己在為她們進行修補。

我從網台聽到關於出生密碼和生命道路的靈數。 今年我的靈數是11,即 1 + 1 = 2。 在塔羅牌中,#11 是「力量」(在傳統的馬賽塔羅中#11是「力量」,在Raider Waite Deck中#11是「正義」),#2 是「女祭司」。 「女祭司」告訴我們要往內心尋找真理,而她代表的是絕對真理,是夢的醞釀。 「力量」是關於如何掌控我們的動物本能並將其轉化為力量。 1-1 是鏡像,是與自己和他人的關係和連結。 似乎新的門戶已被打開,我們學會了在隔離中建立新的連結方式。

Artwork: Sveta Dorosheva for Halsey’s 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom',

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