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Cutting cord to your past

Having spent the last 6 days in imagery workshops by Dr Catherine Shainberg, it has reinforced my trust in the power of our imagination; how we are being created in a language of form and we have the cure for every problems and issues in life within us. Our subconscious shows us our obstacles through dreaming, and the obstacles are in fact clues to solution. Having actively cleared and corrected my own experience of past traumas and limitations in the last 8 years, I rarely have emotional response to anything that triggered nowadays. During an imagery exercise yesterday about releasing our perception of limitations and traumas to abundance and prosperity, the negative image was transfixed to stay on in my imaginary field. I tried to sweep it, throw light on it but it just won't dissolve. Catherine asked me that I have to make a decision, why I need to keep those things in me. Tears began to pour uncontrollably from my eyes when I replied that they are my ties to the past, and I don't want to cut off the memories of my parents. Catherine explained that the past doesn't exist, you can create new memories every single day and it won't affect my love for them. Finally I cut the cord to that mirage of image and now the image has grown into white flowers in my left imaginary field. Whenever I think of my parents or my past now, I see the white flowers blossoming. This method is purely coming from the right brain, using image to respond and correct images. Dreams do not lie. Now I am hopeful.

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