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Communicate with your subconscious through dreaming

Having been studying Dream Opening from The School of Images (NY) since the past year and I have learnt to communicate with my own subconscious through the night dreams. Dreams are an honest mirror to our "waking" life, and they never lie. You don't need to connect to any higher power to give you answers, as everyone dreams. Night dreams show you your issue which is the most urgent at the moment, but they also very often give you clues for solutions.

During the Imagery workshop on Abundance last month, my teacher Dr Catherine Shainberg asked us to place the question "What is blocking my prosperity?" to our night dream. So I had a dream which went like that:

My sisters and I own a shop space where the business stops operating since our mother passed away. Some men come to persuade us to sell the shop so that they can turn it into a Sichuan restaurant. We feel that this is very disrespectful to the memory of our mother so we rejected the offer. I see the men take me to the back of a van and try to intimidate me into selling. I explain that we have to refuse due to the respect and loving memory of our mother and initially the men agree. I see myself telling my brother-in-law that the deal is off and we are going to a family gathering later.

I see my sisters and their husbands all gather on a rooftop then suddenly a helicopter lands on it and out come the men in black with firearms. They are about to shoot us so everybody starts to run and take cover. My view point changes to follow a young man in white running on the roof, I am not sure who he is but he is part of my family. He lifts a trap door on the roof and jumps through it. There is a pole that connects from the roof down in the building, like those you see in Fire Station. As the man meanders down the building, I see the interior is in fact a morgue and there are gigantic refrigerators all around. It is dark and cold and I am getting worried for the man who is inside the morgue. When he comes onto a landing, there is a door at the right.

I woke up not knowing the ending of the dream. My first correction ("tikkun") upon waking in the morning was to open the door at the right and see if the man can escape. I cannot really have a clear vision in my imaginal field so I suspect this is not the right "correction". I then went on to the third day of the workshop and Catherine explained the concept of exchange in nature and placing ourselves back in the ecosystem. What is the difference between abundance and prosperity? Abundance is whatever you have and prosperity is what you are going to do with it. This concept inspired me to another correction.

I went back to the dream and I turn on the light in the morgue and open the doors of the refrigerators. Instead of corpses, I find food and vegetables inside the fridges and I look around and see the room is a big kitchen. I see my sisters and our husbands busy cooking a big meal and when we open the windows and door of the room, it is a restaurant and we invite the men in black for the meal.

I believe this is the right correction to the dream. I feel something has shifted. So going back to my question to the dream, "what is blocking my prosperity?", it is my (and my sisters') belief that it is a sacrilege to transform or live happily after the passing of our mother last year. We face our inheritance with fear and guilt. Catherine later told me that my mother gave me life, so it is a sacrilege to not enjoy it.

What was stuck is the creativity that is urging to be expressed and exchanged.

Hence I am writing and sharing.

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