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From energy to manifestation 從能量到顯化

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


I had an "A-ha" moment the other day at the supervision class from my dear teacher Dr Catherine Shainberg. She said everything is energies before they manifest in the physical world. Somewhere in between this process are images. When we listen to music, images would pop up in our mind involuntarily. This is an epiphany to me no less. So whatever we experienced through our five senses, images are the first things that show up after we internalised these experiences. In another word, images are the interface between energies and manifestations.

I have been a practitioner in various spiritual and energy healing systems since 2011 and somehow I find there is something lacking in the healing process. This is not a criticism to any system, just a personal observation from my own experience. In working with these modules, the goal is to change energies from the source. We always use the analogy of a tree to explain to students and clients. We are (or our issues, and our physical symptoms and manifestations) are the leaves, fruits, flowers and trunks of a tree. If we only tackle the symptoms, we are only cutting off the leaves and trunks, the roots are intact and the same tree will grow back. Therefore we have to go straight to the source, which is the roots of the tree, and remove the cause that gives rise to the symptoms. These systems work efficaciously to bring us back to the roots of different programmings, patterns, belief systems, and perceptions which are very often brought over from past lives, ancestral lineages and childhood experiences etc. Using the same logic, we focus on what kind of energies we are vibrating towards the things/goals/creations we desire. Here is what I find lacking. I cleared and transformed the negative energies, then I expect a positive result will manifest. Sometimes the shift is instantaneous, but other times my wishes and desires are lost in a black hole, until my physical environment show me the results in time. We get what we are, not what we want. It takes much awareness and effort to know yourself truly. Luckily, dreaming provides some comfort and certainty on what is cooking inside the cauldron of our subconscious.

I have 3 consecutive dreams this week about finding my room. In the first dream, I see my room is filled with unused desks from the classroom of my old design school. I find them cluttered the space but I feel I might find them useful one day. Then I see my mother sitting on a desk with the first edition of Macintosh. I ask her why she is using such an old computer, she said well it's still working. I woke up knowing the room is my body also the structure of my life and I need to clear out the things I don't need as well as the old programmings from my mother. So in imagery I cleared everything and redecorated my room the way I want it and asked mom nicely to leave.

The following night the dream showed me my mother and sisters have taken rooms in a not so nice traditional Japanese guest house and I now have to freedom to find myself another room. But I feel guilty that I am not staying at the same place as my family. From this dream I understand that the belief system that I have to endure something not so nice is rooted from the family belief that women should conform and endure. I now have the freedom to choose better but I am emotionally attached to the old way, feeling that I am betraying my family if I live better than them. So I repaired the image by finding myself a new hotel room which is modern and creative.

The third dream I see myself telling my parents I am taking a nice sunny room on the ground level in the family house instead of a small room in the underground. And I meet my teacher Catherine in the room and she asks me if I read tarot cards. I said I read a little and she asks me to go deeper to develop my intuition. So in 3 days I am able to see clearly where I have shifted and how things are moving inside. The physical manifestation is this post I am writing. 😊

前天我敬愛的老師Catherine Shainberg博士在督導班上給了我一個『A-ha』時刻。 她說物質在顯化之前,一切皆是能量。 在這個過程之間則是圖像。 如我們聽音樂時,圖像會不由自主地浮現於我們的腦海中。 這對我來說是一個頓悟。 也就是說,我們無論通過五官體驗到什麼,在我們內化了這些體驗之後,圖像便會出現。 換句話說,圖像是能量和顯化之間的界面。





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