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Reiki for pets

My little cat Oppi has been with me for over 17 years (not so little after all) and she has given us some health scare the last couple of years. Her temperament has changed due to old age; she is much grumpier, verbal but loving at the same time. Basically her attitude is "I don't give a sh*t!". Last year when our flat needed to undergo some structural renovation, we had to move to a smaller temporary flat for 5 weeks. During that 5 weeks my husband and I tolerated the inconvenience of leaving our home but we also took it as an adventure to explore a new neighbourhood. Our cat didn't fare so well in the new flat, she was very grumpy and angry and then she got sick. Over the years we observe that she gets sick whenever we have to move our home or if we had some major changes in our lives. It also has to do with having a degenerative heart and kidney for her age. On one episode she was in pain, angry and restless in that small flat. We have booked an appointment with her vet but we still have hours to wait at home. I tried using SRT and speaking to the cat through the heart space but she just wouldn't calm down. In the end I send Reiki to her and within minutes she quieted down. I notice animals respond to Reiki energy much better than other more "brainy" modalities.

When we finally moved back to our home, I noticed both Oppi and I felt such a relief. I was surprised to realise that I had suppressed my uneasiness and emotions mentally by understanding it was just a temporary arrangement, however, the cat couldn't understand this logic so she was expressing that emotions for both of us. She still has irregular heartbeats and sometimes I notice jolts in her body. I would immediately hold her in my lap and send Reiki to her body. She seems to enjoy it and sometimes expose her heart to me to let my hand placing there over her. Her heartbeats would relax immediately every time.

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